The eye is on us! I'izonus Gang

Check the song I made out it’s pretty trippy! Tell me what you guys think!!!

From my mind to yours I rap first btw!
Best with headphones and on WEEEEED!

Rap really isn’t my thing, though I do like some songs. This is pretty good. One thing I noticed, and that I really like, is that this song doesn’t follow the typical “make up any nonsense just cause it rhymes” school of thought. The lyrics flow and make sense. It also has a smooth groove that I like.

As far as the rest of rap, I like pretty much everything off of the Original Gangster album from Ice-T, Ain’t no Sunshine by DMX, some Twizted, a little ICP, and of course Mama Said Knock You Out by LL Cool J.

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Thanks bro! That made me feel good about myself, lol
That’s cool. I pick and choose with rap, if I didn’t do it I might not listen to it, honestly.