The expectation of perfection

One thing I’ve noticed, especially in the last 20 years or so, is the growing expectation of perfection . This is shown by people who’ll get 35/37- 90%+ on a test, and who mentally self flagellate themselves as being failures.

IMO that is not healthy , and is quite pathological.


I don’t know how this may link to the above…

There is much contentiousness re her work. I certainly believe that the conditions at the time of taking a test can impact on test performance, but that doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with a ‘growth mindset’.


By the was I really loved your statement
“If common sense=millionaire I’m a pauper”

I had written a creative statement long time back:
I don’t know of you noticed it, here it is

Senses → Process → understanding - feeling -action.

Process(truth → knowledge ← beliefs)
Self knowledge and genetic knowledge

Validate knowledge → which is the truth.

Define truth → Reality

What is reality? 5 Senses.

Senses are all working well.

Common sense ? What’s that? I think this sense is missing …

I see that common sense is very important

Anyways a salute to you for your years of expertise.
Thanks again.

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