The Exercise Thread #3

Awwww that is so inspiring. She’s got a healthy looking body. Thankyou x

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Good sale on paddle boards on Amazon this week. Have one for the wife and one for myself now. Lots of places to use them nearby. Hoping we can get out of the house and enjoy nature together rather than slumping at home in front of a screen.

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Good 40 minute workout today with the weights and hit my 15k steps. Heartrate up for 40 minutes on the fitbit so will take that. Motivation is getting so much better so that is cool.

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My bestie and I are starting up a new thing. We are both going to be using our stepping platforms every morning for 10 minutes. I’m going to be doing that in addition to my yoga practice.

I’m not going to walk outside anymore for now as it is too muggy in Nebraska.

We also have a meditation practice that we do together. She does a quasi mindfulness meditation and I do Christian meditation. It works out.

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Been doing park runs recently… 3 a week, going OK

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Today I did a 9K steps walk. About 1.5 hours.


I`ve been doing 25/30 minute walks every day this week but I need to pump up my step-count.

There’s supposed to be a nice path that is a 20 minute walk away from my place, gonna head there for the first time later on this week and walk :muscle:

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Did 20 minutes on the eliptic machine today. Yesterday I did 45 minute strenght workout.

Excersise is spordic for me because of sleep problems, but it feels great to do when I’m up to it.

Did another 20min on the eliptic machine today, and about 55 minutes strenght excersise yesterday.

I managed 3×20 pushups against the wall which is up from 15 last time.

I plan to increase resistance on eliptical machine next time.

Sleep has been much improved the last while, so I’m able to excersise more consistant.