The Exercise Thread #3

Cant wait to be an active participants of this thread when i quit smoking. The quit date is a couple of days or a week from now, I’ll start taking the zyban tomorrow (smoking cessation med)


Yea that’s true man. People who are really trained can tell exactly what gear they’re taking just by looking at them.

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My chicken is natty, but beware, some of these chickens walking around are even on steroids. Lmao


Yeah most are on the juice as it’s hard to do but I’ve more time and less money but a good enough setup. Just need some dumbells and I’m off.

Thinking of getting into a guided internet program. Did my one day on, one day off program today and did like full body for 45 minutes. I go pretty hard but still neglected back and shoulders and some legs…Still. I’m feeling it now much later in the day and that is good.

I’ve a brother who hijacks a certain influencers thread but I don’t mind paying the money so I’m seriously thinking about it…anyone pay or subscribe to a program? And which one works for you?

I’ve more money to spend these days after giving up some vices so it’s probably a worthwhile investment in the long run and I’m pretty clueless on the anything but the basics of an effective workout!

I’ve finished my diet! 60 lbs down from the start. This is my final result(I even have abs, and a full 6-pack at that, but my shaky hands and subpar phone camera and lighting do their best to make them disappear in photo, you are going to have to take my word for it :grin:)

I’m going to start a much less structured approach to training and diet going forward as I need to drop a ton of mental fatigue built up over the last year due to the constant rigor and discipline.


Bro congrats! Now you can relax. Be aware of not gaining it back tho…


I was at my dads today and used his ez curl bar. It got me thinking about how I stopped using barbells since like over a year ago, been focusing on cardio and basic movements/dumbbells and getting steps in from walking really.

Well come to find I still have my 15 pound barbell in the garage, cleaned it up and gonna start using again. I got only 30 pounds collective in weights, but the dumbbell metal holding screws fit perfectly onto the barbell. So i’ll have 45 pounds to work with for a barbell now to I guess.

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Wish I had a step counter, I must’ve set a record today for walking

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And remember kids,

+5 lbs is a total win.
+1 rep is a total win.



I just had my 2 day break from pilates. Today I will resume to my workout. I need to add tummy and breast excercises to my routine as they are missing, my tummy is a bit loose. From my ‘beer belly’ and my pectoris muscles could do with some excercise too. I could do with adding a few more back excercises too. I like a nice back.

My routine should take about 45 to 50 minutes once I complete it. I have been doing the incomplete version now for 9 days on Mondays to Fridays. With a moderate walk during sun hours.


I need to buy dumbells on Wednesday as that is when I receive my welfare money. So I’ll devise the rest of the pilates routine on Wednesday too.


Doing good with my full body weights then rest day but thinking of trying two days on and one day off. Just got some new exercises off an influencer on facebook which will work with my setup so add a couple of exercises…

Did 40 minutes today and I go pretty hard and feeling it a day or two later so it’s working…

And good news. Doing cardio. Did two 2km runs two days apart but going slow but got there. Will take time but I’m a doing ok with things!


Been going to the gym a lot lately but took a day or two off there. Went today and i feel great! Been just doing whatever I feel like at the time machine wise. Bench, overhead press, boxing, leg press etc


Just did my pilates routine. It’s always difficult but I feel good afterwards. Now going for a walk at some point.


Be careful… You cannot save the dinosaurs or we go extinct…


Just went for my walk. Life is so different when you wear a wind proof hat on a windy cool day.

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I want to take up walking as exercise. But I’m too paranoid to join a gym or walk outside. And we don’t have space for a treadmill. Anyone have ideas?

I’m wondering if walking around and around in my home would do me any good?

I want to eventually work up the nerve to go walk at a public indoor track, outside, or at the mall.

I walked at home in circles a whole lot for one reason or another. It works the same as doing it elsewhere although depending on your house it might put a little extra stress on your joints to be constantly changing directions, especially if you are tall and or fat, but as long as you aren’t walking for hours on end you should be fine, plus you’ll notice; walking will hardly cause any sudden injury, if you can’t handle the wear and tear and your joints start to hurt, just lower how much you walk.

Lately I’ve been walking back and forth on a deadend dirt road beside the city street because I enjoy the piece and quiet and feel more comfortable with my shirt off without crossing people left and right, if you look around your area you might find a spot outside that’s less stressful than the places you usually go to, keep an eye open.

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Thanks so much for the help!!

I understand better now about walking around the house and joints (I am not too fat but I’m tall dang it :laughing: ).

I wonder if I should just join a gym again. I just didn’t like the different gym I tried. Maybe I should rejoin my old gym. It was more relaxed. I miss walking on the treadmill!! Hmmm

Loooool good one​:laughing: :clock130:

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