The Evolution of Fluff at schizophrenia.com1!

hey folks,

If your older you’ve known I’ve been around since 1999 so I do have some insight.

Only come here so often but it’s worthwhile reporting. 90% of the English language is fluff. You only need 10% of it to carry meaning but there’s an important part of the other 90%. It’s basically used to socialise the person to their environment and this new website is a good example of that.

For sure, from my little use of it lately, I’d say that 90 % of posts here are just fluff. They don’t convey a lot of meaning unless to a person but are more seriously interested in social interaction for the particular punter. No gripe. I just think that it’s like life. Most of the important meaning is lost in the melee that is posting here…it all moves way too fast…

Like I know you can never go back but seriously. If you can get out into the real world and apply just as much effort to talking to real people then your world is instantly a better place. Most of the recovered people here move on…they don’t need to come back and if your interested and you’ve been here a while you’ve seen most things anyways…

So…just a reflection on the current setup. The truly valued posts that help people tend to fly off into the ether…something that probably isn’t as good in the long run but hey…you get what you pay for these days when it comes to the internet!

A friend in the struggle,