The evolution of American war movies

I recall how I watched some Vietnam war movies in the early 1980s, over 30 years ago. Some of these movies were Rambo, the Deer Hunter and Platoon. Today I borrowed a movie ‘Battle for Haditha’ at the library where I often borrow movies, because they have the great collection of all kinds of movies. I like realistic movies, not science fiction. So today these war movies are about the war on terrorism or the war in Iraq, and so movies have eIvolved. In the early 1980s the HDTV was not known by anybody, but today I watch these movies on my laptop. I am 47 years old in this year and in 1982 I was 15 years old. The world evolves and the movie industry evolves too. In 1982 I did not hear voices, but today I do, although my meds are working so well that I slept 10 hours last night, when others celebrated Valentine’s Day.

My father took me to see saving private ryan when i was about thirteen.

When i watched a large knife slowly inserted into that guy’s chest after their little wrestling match i knew that i didn’t want to be here and wish that i had never been.

‘Battle for Haditha’ is a terrible movie in which innocent women and children are killed as a result of some roadside bombs in Iraq, it is so realistic and I would not recommend all people to watch it, because it shows what went on in Iraq during the Iraqi war in the 2000s.

I can not watch war movies. I will end up freaking out and rocking and screaming. I can’t take them. I don’t even try to watch.

I like war movies. The Dirty Dozen, Apocalypse Now, Platoon, The Deer Hunter, all good stuff. The first half of Full Metal Jacket was awesome, the second half forgettable. First Blood was good, the later movies crap.

The Hurt Locker was a good miltary movie.

A Bridge Too Far

I thank my brother for recommending this star-studded 1977 film. My friend and I watched this epic film for New Years’s Eve.

I guess the film didn’t win enormous success because the market out there is for movies that glorify war; this one did not glorify war. I guess the film did kind of glorify intelligence and youth and charisma and the American ideas of heroism and questioning authority.

Warfare was displayed realistically, and for that I am thankful.


I really hate weepy, sappy, war movies. If I want to watch a chick flick I’ll put on Fried Green Tomatoes or something.

The best war movie by far would be the Deer Hunter - Good messaging, great filming and acting
It did not glorify war

The only thing I did not like about the Deer Hunter was that wedding scene that seemed to go on forever.

Yeah I agree, the best part of that whole wedding scene was when the green beret special forces guy sat at the bar