The evergoing battle against our demons

Hi, I’m assuming there’s lots of the elses too, who battle against the voices/characters inside them. My neighbour just left my apartment, who also hears voices. She said “their fuel is our fear and our sufferings”.

Seems to be so.

Anyhow, what on the earth could be the real reason that these “demons” never give up?

Any theories?

It’s a lifelong illness for most. We can manage it but we can’t always escape it.

This for me recently has been very frequent, but, I will say it is the disorganization that is very detrimental to my success. It is very distracting and recently exhausting, but not the worst thing. As far as why they don’t give up, why would they. Also they do seem to feed off of fear and anguish.

My demons and I destroyed one another after 30 years of constant battle. I am trying to not make any attempt at self improvement tonight and just watch and see what happens. It’s over for me, unless I grow a tail.

I believe they are spirits. I think it’s a spiritual disease.

im not religious and i think thats why people always try to convert me to their ideas.

had a recent experience where i woke up and was conscious while asleep. the room was full of light, as if the light was on but it was obv the middle of the night…and I saw myself laying there sleeping…i started thinking–all this spiritual searching and the light itself is always there–

trying to make sense of energy work, or spiritual warfare if this is all in mind or the minds illusive projections then maybe there is a better way to channel the light and that is from within

Im on the fence on whether my mind is this creative when im asleep or unconscious or that the consciousness does transcend the flesh

When I started to hear voices 5 yrs ago I was scared beyond what I thought possible. On one of my worst days my mother took me to a church to try to find some council (she didn’t find anyone except office staff).
While she left me in the church garden alone I had an amazing conversation with the first helpful voice I heard in my mind. She told me I had 3 demons to heal. I responded with, can’t you just take them away? She said no, I had to heal/change the part of me that was *like them and it would take some time and strength. Then either they (the demons) would heal too or I would be changed and we wouldn’t have a common connection any longer. Either way I’d be better.
It helped me to think that the so called demons themselves were just spirits of scared/negative humans that found something in me that was also scared/negative in the same way.
I’ve done a ton of self work for 5 yrs now and I almost never hear negative voices any longer, if I do I ask it what it wants to teach me.
I know for sure you can quiet them. If you start to witness & stop your own negative thinking and then begin to replace it with healthy and compassionate thoughts (it takes time to re-learn). You have to really start looking at all your own thoughts and seeing if they are actually helpful to your peace. I was surprised how many times a day I had to stop negitive thoughts at first.
It’s also really helpful to not think of anyone (even voices) as a demon. It’s hard to make self improvements when your accepting the role of victim and making judgements of others.

There are no demons. It’s just your brain talking to itself and it’s lifelong. I only started to get better when I lost interest in my voices. One issue is that many sz find their voices too interesting and engage with them. That makes things worse I know from firsthand experience.

I was scared that my mattress was going to spontaneously combust a couple nights ago.

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