The Event :o)

So the event was so nice. I had so much fun with our other couple friends, we were 4 couples at the table and the whole thing was a success. I saw some other friends and all seem fine. one particular girl is acting too weird, she was not like this. I thought she could be MI but who knows. She is almost a graduated lawyer soon.

As for the people from my past and the particular guy were there and I only acted like a stranger.
When we were coming out of the church, I saw them and their family and I only waved and said Hi from distance.

Then at the restaurant I did even for a second tilt my head in their direction. Then when I was walking out to say goodbye, they were starring at me, maybe with an expectation that I actually talk to them? Who knows? I did not even bother.

Coming home in the car, mr x told me that the wife of the guy actually went to him and said ‘you talk online, how come you are acting like strangers?’ And I said, yeah if she wanted, she could’ve came and talked to me. As simple as that.

It is good to keep the past in the past and it is gone. I am struggling to move on with PTSD


I am so happy it went well for you!

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