The evening hours


Are hard for me even when I have a good day. Around 7 or 8pm I can feel depression grabbing hold of me. Often I feel nauseated and can’t focus. I just want to hide in my bed and make the feeling stop. I don’t know how to make it stop.


Maybe you just hate to say it’s the end of a good day. “All good things come to an end.” Tomorrow is another day.


I just lie in bed and watch comedy shows until I fall asleep. It’s hard knowing how much to do each day without feeling overly taxed at the end of the day.


Ya I feel nauseated at the end of my work shift. It’s like I’m exhausted to the point I’m sick an need to get out.


I take my night meds at 10 oclock and usually i hit the bed and read or just lay there and think until about 12. It’s a good way to wind down from the day for me.


I usually watch some nature shows on Netflix and play bingo bash until I fall asleep