The entire debate

I watched a debate by prominent religious figures once.

It went on for what seemed an illogical eternity.

Here is the gist of it, this was the entire thing.

“Why can’t we eat cows? Cows taste great and we want them.” Says the high ranking catholic clergy.

“The cow is mother.” Says the high ranking indian clergy.

So, they repeated this in every way possible for ten or twenty minutes, just back and forth like that the entire time.

This is what the entire debate consisted of, just some guy that likes steak and some guy that thinks cow’s are holy because they are mother.

Could you imagine? “i like steak, ill eat them if i want.” He says. “the cow is mother.” He replies. “yes, but i really love meat, so im going to eat them.” He says yet again. “the cow is mother, we should not eat the cow.” The other guy says.

Ten to twenty minutes straight.

This is how it should have gone, “We will take only what we absolutely need, even be open to not eating them at all when possible, and be as kind as nature allows when we need to eat them.” Says wierd catholic guy. “The cow is mother, wait, what does that even mean at all? Why did we dictate that the cow was mother and that the mother is holy?” Says wierd religious indian fellow.

If you can’t tell i’ve completely lost my ■■■■.