The enormous importance of wearing glasses

I’m talking about getting a proper Eye test and wearing the right prescription of glasses,

since wearing my glasses and getting more comfortable wearing Them i have had an improvement in my mental health so i thought i should share this,

the enormous benefits of wearing glasses

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I wear contact lenses, love em. Hated having to wear glasses when I was younger.

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I tried conacts when I first got diagnosed with astigmatism in both eyes, but I got infections in both eyes despite doing everything I was told, so I went to glasses…feels like they are falling off my face all the time though…

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I’m supposed to wear glass but I don’t wear them. They make me feel unbalanced and disoriented, and everything looks sharp and likes it’s reaching out at me. I prefer the world at a fuzzy distance.

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Are you sure you washed your hands thoroughly enough? I wash them twice for at least 30 seconds in hot water before taking my contacts on or off. And I make sure not to touch anything else with the fingers touching the contacts.

When I first started wearing contact lenses I had monthly ones and they made my eyes so sore I couldn’t wear them. Then I tried daily ones and never had any problems, I wear my daily ones for much longer than a day, have done for years, had no problems.

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I have had two styes in my left eye and now recently I got a lump under my eye lid, I’m supposed to put a warm compress on it twice a day but haven’t managed to do so but the glasses really help a lot, they do slide down my nose a bit but it’s ok, I think that happens a lot .

I washed my hands for 60 seconds, with anti bacterial soap and hot water, both before and after putting my contacts on or taking them off, I also used the brand name fluids, and even tried disposables…I kept getting the infections anyway, doc said it there was no organism in my eye, my body was just rejecting the lenses

Weird. An infection means you got a virus or bacteria in your eyes somehow.

infection is the response of your body to a foreign contaminate…in my case the contact lens, I got pus-y and inflamed eyes once every ten days or so, so I just gave up on the whole contacts thing

It’s more specific than that. Wikipedia: “Infection is the invasion of an organism’s body tissues by disease-causing agents”. Can be parasites and a few other things too, not just bacteria and viruses.

huh in college they told us it was a response to a foreign body, but then it was only a basic nursing class so they didn’t go into detail on a lot of things. but yeah for some reason I got serious infections no matter what I did.

That sucks though. I prefer contact lenses over glasses. They don’t get dirty and they’re not in the way all the time like glasses. But I use both, sometimes I’m too lazy to put on my contacts.

I had a similar experience, Dremulf, due to a latex allergy. My doctor continuously mistook the inflammation from an allergic response as an infection and ordered test after follow-up test, all of the samples gathered with latex instruments, and so all of them very inflamed.

It took some time for them to realize that the reason there was no viral or bacterial evidence was because my body was reacting to the testing implements themselves, at which point they recategorized it from an infection to an allergic response.

You can get well fitted glasses that don’t feel that way. For one - If you can get the ones that have the lightest weight lenses and get lightweight wire frames. These will be more expensive. But if they fit them well they won’t feel like they’re falling off. You won’t notice you’re wearing them.

If you’ll look for a place that sells cheap frames, or has special deals, your glasses will be a lot less costly even with the light weight lenses.

The glasses I’m wearing - old ones - cost me $79. Actually they had a deal for two pairs for $149 and I asked if I could get one for half that + they said yes. I think it was Doctors Value Vision.

The last ones I bought at a ‘real’ place were about $300. And I had to get the lenses reworked.

Without my glasses I am almost completely. disoriented and debilitated. I’m a mess.

I think that wearing glasses is very important if you want to see things around you.
And I hate to be off-topic on your thread but I also think that wearing hearing- aids is very important if you want to hear things.

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Have you ever seen the old giant eye contact lol

Well all throughout my illness I have spoken about my focus and stuff but never wore glasses bc I could never get comfortable wearing them, now I am more comfortable wearing them they seem to be helping not just my vision but also my mental health.

i got prescribed glasses, while i was doing my driving license 5 years ago. basically never wear them. some people say they make you look smarter but id rather have them wear glasses themselves.