The Endless Rain!

Like gawd. It’s been raining here for over a week straight. Last week has been pretty heavy falls too so I’m starting to get a little stir crazy. Good I have a new toy with my computer so been catching up on some games but I haven’t had a run or a ride for over a week now and although I’m doing 20,000 steps a day it’s not quite the same.

Ended up driving down this morning to swap my old graphics card with my brothers rig. Set that up but it was drizzling rain all the way down to town. Like 30 minutes driving in the wet is never fun…Anyways. That is most of my days…computer…sleep. Computer sleep with some exercise in between.

Looks like minimum showers tuesday on so I’m taking that. It will be nice to see some sun!


Are you getting flooding again?

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Localised but seems to have missed us here and in the City. Looks like regional centers are copping it bad. It’s just been so dreary and it just doesn’t seem to want to stop!


Oh brother I get it! We had over a week straight of rain here a few weeks back. I don’t mind a nice cozy rainy day but I was getting stir crazy!

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One summer here on the east coast of the USA it rained 20 days out of every month for the whole summer. Not cloud bursts but constant rain all day. It was really unusual.


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