The End of the Affair!

So. I finally got to the end of my birthday celebrations. I must admit I did really well and ended it all with a catch up with half a dozen friends and their ladies down the sports club on saturday. It was all good and enjoyed the week of debauchery and fun but it’s now the time to knuckle down.

I don’t like advertising but recent changes in my lifestyle has brought some good results. I’m down over 5kgs and lost a lot of belly fat and improved muscle. My next step is to lose another 5kgs and crack the under 100kgs. That will take some discipline but there’s no excuses. It’s time I said goodbye to the party monster and hello to a healthier one!

It was fun while it lasted but Rogue One is getting serious!


All hail the mighty @rogueone!
Good for you for taking good care of yourself!
Good job and an inspiration to us all.


Best of luck @rogueone!


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