The end of SSDI

When I went back to work they said I had 36 months of extended eligibility. My disability ended August 2019 they said and now they say my entitlement has ended and I would have to reapply to get it again.

I haven’t been getting it for the past two years but was supposed to get it back if I got fired or something.

I still get medicare but have to pay for it.

That wasn’t 36 months. Thinking I should appeal it just in case. Wasn’t even 24.


I’d appeal. They make mistakes sometimes.


I agree with @ZmaGal. Maybe make an appointment and go talk to them in person. I used to bring a family member with me to many appointments. Not only for moral support but also to ask questions I might not think to ask. Or help me understand what the worker was saying. Hell, I was in my forties and my step-dad came with me once. My sister came with me once too.


That’s not good if social security is cheating now too.

I almost got cheated by Home Depot and I thought that was bad.

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I called them today to ask about it and the lady put me on hold for a long time. She said she couldn’t do anything because I made over $60,000 last year. She said I am way over the limit. But she told me to call back if I lost my job.

I think I will still mail in an appeal. They are only doing emergency appointments because of Covid so I can’t go there.

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