The elusive freon


anyone heard of freon?

its a gas that i heard was damaging our atmosphere and it is found in refrigerators and freezers

i keep thinking that it is having an effect on me, my feet get cold and my toes get really sore and i keep saying it is the freon freezing my toes, they’ve been throbbing tonight, if it wasn’t for the mild air coming over from america i think i would have frozen to death with a mixture of freon and natural winter weather. and i am wearing 2 pairs of thick socks and just came out of a hot shower.

its weird the way we think, there are strange things that i believe that others would be like wtf but i have the evidence, my freezing toes and the stuff about the freon,



I was worried about swallowing the new brand of toothpaste this morning - being paranoid of toxins to the point of obsession could very well be a SZ thing




thanks admin

maybe it is just poor circulation or something

i still cant get this freon thing out of my head tho :cloud:

i do it all the time, everytime i hear a weather report i think something is off, its not normal

its not my fault tho because they always say ‘record amounts of rainfall’ & ‘highest temperatures for this time of year’ and flashfloods, bush fires, even the fish stocks in the north sea get a mention.

i do try and avoid watching news tho it but its hard its just everywhere.



My toes have gotten to where they feel like they’re getting frostbitten + are extremely cold when I walk barefooted on the wood floor. Probably my diabetes. Have you been tested for that?

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You might have a low iron level. :pill:

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Just remember Daydreamer, if it wasn’t dramatic sounding, it wouldn’t make it on the NEWS. Drama gets attention.



i use bi carb soda (organic) to clean my teeth, only because toothpaste is soooo expensive.
it does a better job and it works as a neutraliser in the body when you intake it.( no nasty chemicals )
take care



That is something for me to think about, thanks for the sound advice darksith

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