The electronic cigarette works

Today I went completely nicotine free with no problems. I am no longer using my e cig and it definitely helped me quit.

I have gained 10 pounds though. I don’t feel like I have though. I feel physically stronger. I went on a 1.5 walk/run today and trying to work it off. I am also eating salads instead of subway and am cutting down on the soda.

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Good news, I probably didn’t gain 10 pounds. The scale is off and just said I gained another 10 pounds in one night.

Note: My libido is starting to come back, possibly from quitting nicotine/tobacco. Hopefully this lasts…

Stick with it man, I’m trying to quit as well I’ve just been getting terrible headaches. I used an ecig for along time they do work especially if you invest in a good one.

I shall smoke until i am dead i have decided.

Why not? It doesn’t change anything for me if i quit.

Sometimes, believe it or not, smoking is the most logical thing to do.

1 do you want to lose your voice box?
2 do you want to waste a bunch of money on over taxed cigarettes?

dude apparently cigs are like 30 bucks a pack in australia. I guess they also come in packs of 30 in the land down under.

So, i can quit now and live a horrible life and die a horrible death.

Or i could keep smoking and live a horrible life and die a horrible death.

Got to go with the odds, cigs will probably kill me sooner and i need that right now.

Have to go with the odds.

I’d rather live longer, so I too quit cigarettes with the aid of an electronic cigarette. The leading cause of death amongst schizophrenics is lifestyle, not the disease itself. At least that’s what I read. I still smoke electronic cigarettes though, as it’s only been a few weeks since I quit cigarettes. I had to buy an expensive ecig to help me quit. But it only cost me the amount of money I’d spend on a weeks worth of cigarettes.

Good for you, sir! I have had several friends who have tried quitting many times over the years experience real and lasting success with e-cigs. They work so well at smoking cessation that I’m not the least bit surprised that pharma and cig companies appear to be trying to lobby them out of existence.