The effects of moving

I won’t go into this whole topic but I think there are some effects, positive and negative.
I haven’t figured out what this means, but I’ve had atleast, and I’m not kidding, 200-300 dreams about my old house since I moved. I think it represents my saner days and I want to be back at the place where I was secure in life.

Positive effects, it forces you to find unconditional strength …

What do you think are some effects of moving locations? (I moved from California to Missouri around two years ago.)

Home, sweet home.
There’s no place like home.

Unless I stay with my family member(s) wherever I move to, I won’t be able to feel it as my home.

It’s home that matters, not house. :slight_smile:

Ive moved a lot. The first time i moved out of my country, i experienced culture shock and homesickness. I dreamt about my mom and my hometown a lot. At least the first 2 years. Then i moved to canada and i felt homesick again but for my second home. I would especially dream about the streets a lot. Before i went on vacation i dreamt a lot about my parents and the streets where i grew up.

It’ll grow on you, im sure :blush:
Try making new memories :cherry_blossom:
You’re experiencing nostalgia :rose:

There were some moves I hated and some that helped.

moving to the place I’m in now helped… it’s in a quiet neighborhood and it was a way for me to start again… leave no forwarding address with ex-girlfriends or dealers or old drinking buddies.

It’s helped me keep the paranoia low… and it’s a calm place.

There was one move… large complex… always noise… always crowded… always someone stealing stuff… it really didn’t help me at all. I felt really exposed there. I had a lot of paranoia spikes and delusions there.