The Edge of Time in Schizophrenaton ~ by DMA

How is a memory not the edge?

How is a rational deduction about the future not the edge?

The edge is the line between what is of myself and all else.

It pours in my ears and the eyes.

In here I’ve known no line.

In here the past and the future are even more impactful.

The last hope is to find the edge of time…

…at the line between all else and what is mine.


“An unexamined life is not worth living.”–Plato

Find your meaning.

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Do you know what is implied by that statement?

I believe so.

If you’re believing what others tell you, doing what others tell you to do, but never asking yourself if you truly want to live with these routines or rules, then your life is not worth living.


That actually sums it up.

He was in guilds of logicians and philosophers, and the world was full of political cults and religious cults…rampantly full. The world was full of essentially schizophrenics that truly thought the world worked in many ways of which it did not. They simply believed in mind wash, and the way that politicians of certain perspectives use mind wash to sway the movements of the people for whatever reason always the point being more money for themselves, the cults did the same thing. You might have a political cult become a kingdom, empire, or nation the same way you might have a religious empire come into being which may last longer than a political empire, and grow bigger than any political empire.

But back then it was in much more of a mess because people couldn’t read and write. There wasn’t even printing press. Languages are belief systems too, and languages could change drastically as though the were sliding off of the structure platform which are the people. What is forgotten is no longer believed, so…

…If nothing is written, then things are quickly forgotten even language.

You’ll notice that slang changes every generation, but the formal languages do not because one is written, and the other is not. Rarely can anyone make any money for knowing one while they can make money for knowing the other which also causes the extinction of languages vs. preservation.

I’m jumping off the tracks a little bit.

The logic of the language, the mind, and the universe was a huge deal in those logic and philosophy guilds that Plato was among. And this was the path to cutting straight through all of the overwhelming gibberish and rubbish beliefs that layered the world.

So people tend to understand these things about then and now, and understand the logic and the mind which can be used to cut through these things, and thus the life worth living is that. It is the one that has taken perspective of the logic of mind and reality, and broke free of fallacies galore.

Upon breaking free the sky is proverbially the limit, and upon reaching the sky so to speak, one looks at a sea of confused people about the logic of the minds that they are as, and why they cannot break free; they have not done the proper examination of logic, the mind, and the reality in that order.

The same can be true of schizophrenics. For a schizophrenic to not do this examination is a catastrophe compared to when the average person never takes to it because the scz is in the true shackles of fallacious beliefs, mental deceptions, and layers of delusional hindrances.

A good place to begin if you are interested is “” Also the, and search key terms and the names of who they mention on youtube.

If you educate yourself here, you’ll learn to do that self analysis, and your mind will do new things because logically that is how it is made. When you learn new things, it changes your mind. You have learned things before that changed your mind, right? What if it freed you like many such as Plato and many, many others like that have known too.

By the way that path of self education is free to you and anyone who wants it in this day and age. Prior to just a few odd years ago it was extremely difficult or expensive to take, and not so many years ago it was simply only for the rich families that could have that kind of education.

Liberate the mind’s logic, and all else in life will follow…a life you would have never known otherwise.

The truth should not be a secret, but the truth is not always something people want.

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Thank you.

So well said, my friend. :thinking:

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