The ear air pressure etc

Hi sz, I bought one of those parabolic eavesdropping toy things from amazon. Its like a microphone that picks up sound pressure waves and Sends them to my headphones.

I can pick up fainter sounds for instance. It boosts the background noise. At first I couldn’t help but feel like a CIA agent just a little bit lol!

However the greater reason is monitoring sounds while conciously aware of my ear drums, cochlea, and so forth. Our ears at that point send electrical pulses to our brains by tiny hair folicles.

The nose’ job is to work in conjunction with detecting air molecules and providing oxygen.

There is much practice needed to gain natural senses loss due to SZ the illness. However practicing at it, tuning in will pay off. In review listen physically, while simultaneously breathing in and out to detect aromas and there whereabouts, just a simple recovery practice. Stay sharp, singing off

I had one of those, but didn’t like it very much, because I could hear so many things with it, that I’d rather not hear.

Mostly myself.

It was pretty ugly.

Made me reconsider talking to myself outloud, and rethink just how toxic my thoughts had become.
Silencio was now my friend.

is it like when you have a recording device and you listen to yourself back on it years later and then put it on slow motion?

that was really ■■■■■■ up tbh :frowning:

Not quite, the pain was immediate-in real time, as it happened…still had a chance to correct it.
The past I’m afraid is done, no changing it.

?Why play it back in slow motion?

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i played it back bc i didnt know what was on the tape and it freaked me out bc i was a boy when i used it and then when i played it back i was about 20 and it was freaky,

it was slow motion bc the batteries were running down which made it even more weird,

but after it i got immune to it as i was taping the docs and stuff and then playing it back and then playing it in fast motion and slow motion and i have to d=say fast motion is better than slow motion any day,

i was building up my resistance to negative input even then lol which is good to know now talking about it

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