The Dream of the Reluctant Father

Darryl Murray had graduated college and had a good job when he met Nicole. After several dates they became an intimate couple. Darryl and Nicole used birth control to try to avoid pregnancy but it failed and one day Nicole called Darryl telling him she was pregnant. Darryl was too shocked to speak and cut off his cell phone. Nicole left 3 messages crying and asking why he wouldn’t respond. On the last message Nicole said, “Darryl I know your listening and you are reluctant to be a father but I think you’ll change your mind after you sleep on it tonight.” His Mother, and Father then called and Darryl said everything was OK when his Mother asked him if he was alright. His Mother said, “Well you must be stressed from a hard day. Sweet dreams.” His father then got on the line and said, “I’m proud of you son. You are a man now. It was worth it to raise you. I hope you find happiness with Nicole and have a child some day.” Darryl muttered, “I’m not ready to be a father.” His father replied, “Well you never think you are until you are one. Goodnight son.”

Darryl tossed and turned for a while but then he noticed the room spinning around and then woke up. He found himself to be a child again at his parent’s house. He looked for his father but he was no where to be found. His Mother had a bottle of whiskey which was shocking because Darryl never saw her drink before," She was crying and drinking away. Darryl said, “Mother where’s Dad?” She replied, “He left before you were born. I can’t handle raising you by myself. Go away.” Suddenly hunger pains filled Darryl’s stomach and he realized that he needed to eat but his Mother soon collapsed drunk on the couch. Then a bear entered the room and slashed his with his claws killing her. Then the bear turned and lunged at Darryl. As the bear was almost on top on him he said in his father’s voice, “Why don’t you call Nicole tomorrow and be a real man.”

Darryl woke up in a sweat and noticed he was an adult again and in his apartment. He then called Nicole and apologized to her and told her he was pleased to be a father and would help her raise the kid. Then his parents called. His father said, “Nicole told us about the pregnancy last night. I expect you to be a responsible father like I was. Can you do that for me son?” Darryl said, “Sure Dad.” His Mother then got on the line and said, “I’m so proud of you son. I expect the wedding to come soon.” She then said, “You sound sleepy. Did you have a rough dream last night?” Darryl said, “Yes it was a nightmare actually. I dreamed a bear attacked me.” She then replied, “It was another bear dream huh. Well I’m glad to came to your senses.”


Such an emotional rollercoaster!


its a very funny story


You are a good writer!


Thank you. I appreciate that.

Good story. Sometimes I am struck by the lack of good role models for many boys growing up. They don’t know how to be responsible because they have no example to follow.