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The dreaded question - "What have you been doing ? "


The Macbeth passage was good. I remember ‘perfect day’ from when I was 15 or so. The album ‘Transformer’ was good.


Hey @firemonkey do u have any idea where iz andrey exactly iz …???


He said he’d be away for a couple of days. Didn’t say where.


I’m back folks…

How have you been lately :fire: :monkey: ?


I am good andrey …still surfing forum …!!! Take care may man…!!!


Well? How have you been, Tim?

I was at the new apartment we bought earlier this year. We started buying furniture and assembling it. It’s a hassle… We don’t have an internet line there, that’s why I was out of touch for 2 days. Will probably go again next week.


U both guys are migrating to new apartment what a co incidence…good for u guys…!!! Keep rocking…!!!


I hope your new apartment proves to be a good place to live . I will be downsizing to a one bedroom flat.


I currently live in a smaller town with few medical services and even fewer good therapists, also the job market here is very underdeveloped. So my parents thought long and hard about spending all our savings and then some, for an apartment in the capital city, Bucharest. It would provide a launch pad for future endeavors, such as getting a better pdoc, a good CBT therapist, maybe finding a job sometime in the future.
It has a bedroom, a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom and a balcony. 3rd floor of a 9 story building. Not very central but close to bus stations and shops.

So you will be moving from Southend on Sea to where… ?


I will be moving to Calne in Wiltshire. Its population is about a 10th of Southend on Sea.


How do you feel about this change? Not talking about the moving process per se, but about the new location. Do you like it there? Will you be able to indulge in your hobby of swimming? Will you have good access to medical care?


I have only been to Calne once and didn’t see much of it. It’s definitely quieter and less hectic than Southend. My stepdaughter talked about us going swimming a couple of times a week, so I guess swimming will be on the cards.

As for medical care, I don’t know . What I do know though is my stepdaughter will be there to support me. I think nowadays, with the way mental health provision has gone, its increasingly important to have the support of family.
If you are chronically ill but not a substance abuser or danger to yourself or others then you become an also ran in the eyes of mental health services.


You mean something of little significance?
That’s outrageous… but yeah it’s probably the same in my country…

What are you listening to? Here is a cover by Taylor Davis:


That was a good video. I have not been listening to anything.


Here’s another one.

Did your brother come to visit you yet?


No visit from my brother yet. He is still house sitting as my sister has gone to Geneva for her work.


I’ve been to Geneva. I remember ordering a “bière des murailles” which means “beer from/of the walls”… I found the name to be comical, to say the least. But the city is gorgeous. It is close to the mountains, has superb views, a cathedral on the hill and of course the Geneva lake with nice promenades, and one can swim or ride a boat on it… Was Zurich equally as wonderful?

I was thinking… that book you want to buy for your brother, you could fill in his addressinstead of yours, so that the book can be delivered to him directly. It would be a nice surprise (of course, if you don’t mention anything to him beforehand)… What do you say?


As far as I remember Zurich was nice. We actually lived here.


Wow it looks so idyllic. Near Zurich but still so nature-friendly… and those vineyards are cool.

You said you aren’t big on wine… I love red wine, but rarely drink because otherwise I would quickly develop a bad habit :blush:

Have you ever played scrabble online, with other human opponents?


Years ago I joined the international scrabble club. Had a few games. Then another player got too personal for me and I went into avoidant mode and never went back.