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The dreaded question - "What have you been doing ? "


Damn, you are playing rough.


(Cricket is an insect which jumps)


High- as in high jump.



(“high” and “hi” are homophones)




I give up :slight_smile:

I was sure I would break your spirit with my last word.
You’re tough. It was fun but I am admitting defeat :bowing_man:

What’s for dinner ?
I’m having some cheese pasta and a yogurt.


Thai chicken red curry. Bought not made.


A neo celtic composition by BrunuhVille.
Lyrics can be found in the video description.

I especialy like the last stanza:

A song is enough
To change the world
And make it alright in the end
I’ll sing it for you
To mend your lost soul
And make it alright in the end


Do you like celtic music?
How about celtic visual arts?

We’ll look at some examples of celtic art.

A brief explanation:


I prefer the music to the art.


Frankly me too. Celtic music is soothing.

Have you listened to Loreena McKennitt?
(If I remember well I think you have)
Do you have a favorite song by her?


I’ve only listened to the video you posted.


Here’s another one. An old favorite of mine from the times I watched Highlander. :crossed_swords:


I liked the singing and tune but was struggling to make out the lyrics .

I like this one.


Hmm good song, I hadn’t listened to it before…
“the old ways are gone”… What do you think she meant by that?
Which do you prefer:
Cantaloupe or watermelon ?
:melon: :watermelon:


Other than taking it literally ,as in the old Celtic customs are dead, I don’t know.

Cantaloupe although I also like water melon.


Yeah it’s hard for me to pick a favorite too. I will go with watermelon though. Too bad it has those black seeds which kinda ruin the eating experience… one must first remove the seeds, a tedious operation…

Did you know that in Japan they grow cubic watermelons ? :astonished:



I can’t remember removing the black seeds.


Despite the childhood myth that swallowing watermelon seeds will cause you to grow a watermelon inside your stomach, all watermelon seeds—mature and immature—are perfectly edible. Some speculate that if you swallow a whole seed it could get stuck in your intestines, but chewing it up a bit will solve that problem. Watermelon seeds are filled with vital nutrients that can give you a large dose of your day’s recommended protein intake.


You mean, you eat the seeds as well?
They aren’t tasty at all.
Or maybe people in UK have access to a different watermelon variety, with less seeds…

Anyway, celebrating Halloween is fairly recent in my country, but as a child there was already a local tradition to hollow out watermelons, light a candle inside and scare your little siblings at night.
But alas, I was an only child…

Have you tried juggling two apples yet? :clown_face:


I see… well I don’t eat them black seeds…
To each his own :slight_smile: