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The dreaded question - "What have you been doing ? "


In my case, I think chocolate or any substitute containing cocoa…
Also when I was in France I used to eat cheese every day. I returned to my country in 2014 but I still miss French cheese…

It’s been 2 weeks since you started this thread :slight_smile: if I remember well it was 2 Sundays ago.
I can see a little improvement. There are more assignments to come, they will all be important. At least one new assignment every week.
Don’t forget to ask questions to keep the conversation fluid :wink:

Overall, nicely done both of us :handshake:


Good morning, News Guy ! :newspaper_roll: :boy:

How would you like to start the week off ?


Do you donate to charities ? I quite often donate especially to mental health charities . I don’t like to be pestered though on my doorstep or over the phone by charities.
The insistence of the people on the doorstep/phone is quite intimidating.


I’m a little busy this morning. Our water boiler has a crack and we are trying our hand at welding :flushed:

We don’t donate cause we don’t have the means. But my mom sometimes donates 2 euros by SMS when she watches some medical emergencies on tv…

Nobody knocks at our door cause we have a fence around the front garden. And a mean dog too :smile:

It’s good that you donate. I guess in England there are less hoaxes than here…

Who else knocks at your door?
Religious cults? Sales agents?


People trying to persuade me to switch my gas/electric provider.


We re-filled the boiler with water and there’s still a small leak… gotta redo the work. My dad’s in charge now, my uncle’s helping him, I took a break :slight_smile:

Do you have a central water heating unit for the entire building, or your own?


I have a heating unit for my flat. I haven’t a clue how it works though.


It’s probably electrical. Unless it’s connected to the gas pipe?
Anyway, more modern water boilers are all electrical.

I assume UK has quite a few nuclear plants, which should make the price of electricity more affordable.


I know enough to know it’s electrical.


Staring at a blank TV screen for six hours and then curling up in the fetal position on the floor


Sorry I didn’t mean to imply you don’t know anything about it.
How it works? emmm… probably it has an electric resistor whose temperature rises when passed through by an electric current (the Joule effect). It often looks like a big coil. And then the heat is transmitted into the mass of water by direct contact. It probably has an additional temperature sensor, which turns on/off the current through the resistor when the water is too hot / too cold.
That’s all I can think of right now, based on what’s left of my high school physics knowledge :slight_smile:

What songs do you have in plan for today?


Haven’t thought about the songs.


Ok then do you mind if I come with a suggestion?
National anthems :uk: :romania:

Here’s a warm up :ru:


Its going to be bigger then sarcosine thread…but u guys keep going…!!! I like this thread man keep going guys…nothing left to say …!!! E n j o y …:wink:


I just got out of the bath and I have water in my ears. It’s making me feel like I’m tipping over. I probably look like I’m drunk. lol.


And some fun facts too:


It’s amazing how many countries share the same tune for their national anthems.


Did you find an anthem you like?
Preferrably not among the weird ones lol, I’m joking. It could be any country.



Oh Mireille Mathieu…
I will show this to my dad… when my mom is away :smile: