The downfall of the western male

A lot of lads are into video games and porn. Perhaps this is to combat the overpopulation and not nesserily bad thing environmentally wise

What are your thoughts on this?

I think it’s inherintaly in us to want to play/live out fantasy worlds, which we can in games. Some predict that virtual reality will be indistinguishable from reality and some people may find themselves spending more time in virtual worlds than the real one. Games will slowly evolve into that. As for porn I think it’s also very natural because we are sexual beings. Only 1% of the population is asexual.

I don’t personally see society regressing. If I’m at the park or the library and see teenagers socialising they are doing so with a level of honesty and humanity that I can never recall in my childhood.

Kids are smarter now , and not the fools they once were.

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I live in Asia,and I am asian,we faces such problem too.I think there are still a lot of western male who are not very addicted to gaming and doesn’t use porn

By the way,is gaming really disruptive to people’s life?I play a lot but I want to stop too…

People will drastically have less kids in the future due to video games and porn. Are you OK with this? I guess all things must come to an end. Just live this life and not worry about saving a sinking ship

World has too many people as is. Technology is here to save the day

I come from a time where the church , the house of god , where our social leaders , teachers etc , abused a lot of kids , so save it. If there smarter now , good. Kids need there smarts


Having less kids is not a bad thing. But it has little to do with video games and more to do with , careerism , the liberation of women , the cost of child care , the secularisation of society , improvements in education and access to education , etc

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People often follow the path of least resistance. Some try to get their sexual gratification from porn. With the problem of overpopulation it might not be a bad thing that we’re having fewer kids. I see society as in a flux right now. There’s no telling what we’ll become because of some of the modern technologies.