The dishonesty of an energy company

Have just sent a tweet to SSE telling them they’re thoroughly dishonest saying I owe over £450 t for gas based on estimates , when they have been told more than a few times that the smart meter for the gas isn’t working and have made no attempt to fix things. I may owe less or more, but that’s not the point. They should fix the meter and stop guesstimating how much I owe.


SSE and Scottish Power treat English folk terrible.

@firemonkey You need to either enter your meter readings online or ring them up with the readings
that will sort it out!
and give the meter readings every 3 months at longest intervals
otherwise you could rack up some debt the way things are at present
( i give my meter readings online monthly)

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The smart meter for the gas isn’t working.It can’t be read. If it was working they’d get automatic readings without anything needing to be done. They’ve been made aware of the issue several times, but have chosen to do nothing to fix it. My (s) daughter is going to phone, them yet again, tomorrow.


I had a bad electricity bill - had to get on the phone about it. Hope its cleared up next month.

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Can you not go in the meter cupboard and read the actual meter?

My mums smart meter isn’t working but she reads the actual meter in shed

I had the annual boiler check a few months ago. He had to check the meter. If he been able to check another meter instead he’d have said ‘Your smart meter isn’t working, but I checked the other one’

I used to work for an energy company
If your smart meter has broke or gives false reading then its your energy supplier responsible for fixing replace it.

I still think you can manually read your own meter where it is located
I suggest you make an online account with energy company so that it is easier to manage and see everything online its very simple to do

Hope this helps


I’m heading into old age, but I’m far from senile. I made an online account ages ago. My online account only shows bills going back to period ending Jun 2020. All gas bills from then till now have been based on estimates. Those who do the annual boiler checks look at umpteen meters. They would’ve found found an alternative meter to read if there was one. Ditto my (s) daughter who is far more practical than I am.


I know your not senile

Anyway alls im saying is without accurate meter readings
The bills will be estimated
Then you may get into debt

You know this Anyway

Its really important to provide meter readings regularly
Or contact them and ask them to read it

Otherwise how. Else are they meant to know what your using?

The debt if any can only be backdated by one year i believe
So as long as you dont do anything dishonest like stop them coming to read meter
Then it is their fault
And they can only go back one year with debt

Once you have a correct bill @firemonkey then you can take it from there

They have been told several times about the situation and have chosen to do nothing to sort it out. That is their fault and theirs alone, not mine or my (s) daughter’s. If you continue to suggest that we are to blame in any way for the situation , despite my clearly explaining things, I will have no choice but to block you.

Block me
I never blamed you once
I was given you sound advice

It would’ve been fine advice if I hadn’t explained things very clearly. As I had it came across as though you were suggesting I was at fault in some way… My (s) daughter and I can only point out the problem , which we have done.

Were they dishonest when gas was less than $1 a gallon?

Oh im so sorry @firemonkey
I shouldn’t have went on
I went on too much
I didn’t mean to annoy you


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I’m in the UK. Our gas has always been relatively more expensive than in the USA.

I get tetchy, due to past experiences, if I feel I’m being blamed for things that aren’t my fault. I apologise for getting annoyed with you.

This is the credit and debit situation since June 2020

June 2020 £122.52 credit
Sept 2020 £141.16 credit
Dec 2020 £ 97.08 credit
Mar 2021 £ 34.14 debit
Jun 2021 £ 19.29 debit
Sept 2021 £ 12.76 debit
Dec 2021 £ 709.76 debit
Mar 2022 £ £458.19 debit

They estimated I used £790 of gas for the period ending Dec 2021. For the period ending Dec 2020 they’d estimated my gas usage as £ 47.08

£47.08 to £790 for similar periods of the year is a x.16.78 increase!!

How horrible dealing with such.

My boyfriend owes his electricity company quiet a lot.
They haven’t turned his electricity off so that’s good.
I thought they would have turned it off but he has been with them for so many years.

Hope it works out smoothly for you.

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