The disadvantageous of being a purely rational person

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I am rational and logical and it works great for a lot of things

However, I recognise that some people do get upset with my behaviour in an office environment, as being a bit too much to the point and truthful in some situations just upsets people

Lost count of how many times my email etiquette got me into trouble

I suffer from delusions and rational,logical,reasonable people are welcome.

this is slightly a religious post, but no flags from me.

atheism is a form of religion. no religion.

One disadvantage is relating to women, they tend to respond to feeling, how you make them feel, I am much more rational than emotional.

But being to emotional has its disadvantageous too.

In psychology the mind is divided into 2 parts, the emotional mind and the rational mind. The goal for the individual so to sync or merge the two into what is called a wise mind.