The disability discharge

The disability discharge paid my student loan off! I feel so happy


Awesome!! :slightly_smiling_face: 15554


I got that too but my loans were almost paid off by then. I got back a years worth of payments though because they back dated it.


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Congratulations! I bet you feel about a thousand pounds lighter.

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I had this done several years ago.
Huge weight off the shoulders…

38,000 off my back

$38,000. That’s a lot.

Did you at least get a degree out of that?

I only got like $1200 discharged. I think I only had like $15,000 to start off with.

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No I got sick before getting my degree. I went to a school that is now closed down. I was four classes short of graduation

I couldn’t secure an internship, hence I didn’t graduate.
My instructor saw me at a store and told me to come back and finish.
Might do it one of these days.

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