The dilemma

The dilemma. Talk about the inadequate treatment and psychiatic abuse and they’ll see it as proof of paranoia be it paranoid PD or paranoid sz. That’s easier for them to do and more dishonest than admitting to bad practice.


at least somebody is half way willing to take care of us when we really need them it’s better than nothing

It is a dilemma indeed. I think the patient/professional relationship is easier for people who have a clear diagnosis, the treatment options are clearer. It seems to me that with the numerous uncertain diagnoses and the many co-morbid symptoms you have it is much harder for profressionals to treat you, and therefore it’s shocking, but not surprising you’ve had such a hard time trying to get the proper support you need. I’ve witnessed a form of ‘favouritism’ between psychiatrists/nurses and patients in hospital settings, where people with depression are treated with sympathy, the psychotic like silly children, and borderline personality sufferers seen as manipulative and undeserving. When you have an illness that doesn’t tick the right boxes and the treatment isn’t obvious, it’s easier for them to write you off as paranoid or even irritating when they should be doing their utmost to help. I think sometimes they take any criticism as a personal slight rather than a desperate plea for help.