The dilemma

I have to choose between either:

  1. Go to the hospital and risk not having insurance for the rest of my life
  2. Stay home and risk hurting myself

I hate that I can’t register in an insurance because I’m mentally ill. And if you go to the hospital, you’re not able to register in an insurance for the rest of your life.

I miss the days when I was able to freely choose treatment in the hospital. Now I don’t have autonomy.

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Where are you located?

What kind of health insurance setup is administered for you?

Do you have access to medication?

I take medication, but recently I had a psychotic episode. I have universal healthcare coverage provided by the government but I cannot register for private insurance, which will cover the out-of-pocket costs not provided by universal healthcare coverage.

yea i can’t register for private insurance also but if you are not hospitalized over 6 months, i think it is, then the government insurance pays for most of the costs.

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