The difference between me and them...?


That pic is just a little creepy as in scary

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I have too often been at the mercy of dark people. I do my best to stymie their efforts and to remove any of those qualities I find in myself.

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well darkness is…@loke


@DrZen darkness doesn’t mean evil

i think iam 100% here

anyone on line here???

Scary picture. Where’s it from

I’ll reference Jordan Peterson. “Deep knowledge of evil will straighten you out.”

I dug the depths of my soul, there isn’t that much malice going on there to be honest. I just want to stab things sometimes, got video games for that.

I want to post about spaghetti now, but that will probably get this thread locked because it’s a religious issue.


i get the urge to physically fight now and then i have play fought from time to time but i do not get stabbing urges

kind of how some animals play fight

I’ve got some hunter-gatherer instincts in me.

Just want to tear the ■■■■ out of some ■■■■■■■ beast. Would be liberating.

Yeah. I know

my bro has beheaded a chicken before. you know in farms

I want to do it in some inconsequential fashion.

I’m thinking of developing a very immersive form of VR, with exoskeleton feedback in a human gyroscope, that allows you to have real-time immersive melee battles. Like you’d have a shield up, and you’d feel the weight of it pushing down on your arm, and the opponent slams his mace into it and your arm would recoil, depending on how much forward force you put into it.

It’ll be a hell of a thing if I pull it off. Theoretically seems possible. The tactile feedback VR space is barely being touched at the moment.

I’m not morally against hunting though. I just offset that burden to the butcher.

But it’s like a fantasy to melee a tiger or bear to death. Just overpower the ■■■■■■■ thing.

can i recommened a book king james bible by richard bancroft

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I think I have that. But it’s buried somewhere.

I do enjoy looking at Bible passages here and there.

power is knowing the difference and principals

Burned my shoes once walking on hot rocks


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