The die was cast many years ago

The die was cast many years ago when instead of getting the help and support I needed I was branded an awkward and troublesome teenager. It’s meant years of inadequate treatment. The psychiatrist who did that deserved to be flogged within an inch of his life .


Sorry to hear that @firemonkey. I too wonder what would things have been like for me if I had been diagnosed early in life.

But in my case, it was better late than never. I had a close call.

Today has not been a good day. Sometimes the hurt and anger over years of psychiatric abuse and inadequate treatment is hard to cope with.


Inadequate treatment from psychiatrists is what’s keeping me on meds, at least in part. I don’t feel I have an adequate safety net.

Psych meds may help symptoms to some degree and can be useful for that purpose but they don’t tackle the cause of those symptoms.

I really feel this and I have been there before. Hang in there.

I only have limited experience with abuse at the hands of a psychiatrist but it was enough to make me have empathy for anyone who has had to deal with it. There is nothing like being patronized, belittled and argued with by an ‘authority’. I am sorry you had a moment of reliving the pain. Here’s to hoping you move right past it.

I think in terms of not taking a whole person approach and tending to want to ignore the patient’s narrative it’s probably true for a good number re help and support.
It’s about thinking they know you as a patient rather than making the effort to get to know you as a patient.

Whilst medication can help to some degree with symptoms it doesn’t explain the cause of/pathway to those symptoms which may differ from person to person .

The need to engage with us as patients is paramount but many just look at the symptoms and ignore the cause/pathway . Engaging with the patient is seen as an unnecessary inconvenience.

I think the trick is to be assertive in therapy. We need to learn to voice our needs, using tact, of course.

Tried that and got abused for my efforts. Nowadays I’m too scared of repeat abuse to make a concerted effort to voice my needs. I occasionally mention things but when it gets ignored, as it invariably does, I back away from pressing home the point.