The diagnosis challenge

My nurse just told me they want to give me a new diagnosis again! They dont know what. We both cant even remember for sure what my last diagnosis is, but she thinks they said sz. Now they find im too well with too little meds to be sz.

It seems odd to give me a new diagnosis every time i do a bit better or worse. I had about 10 different ones in every corner of the DSM. So…here we go again.

Let’s make it a challenge. The one who guesses my next diagnosis wins! It is going to be…(multiple answers possible)

  • Schizophrenia, still
  • Autism/aspergers
  • ADD
  • Personality disorder
  • Bipolar
  • Schizoaffective
  • Ptsd
  • Psychotic disorder NOS
  • OCD
  • Anxiety disorder
  • Another one, explain below

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Im very curious what they come up with now. :slight_smile:

@mrhappy was rediagnosed with PD I think as he was doing too well to have sz. I think.

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There is a diagnosis for schizophrenia in remission. It would be pretty stupid to remove a sz diagnosis only because the illness is in remission, if in fact it was at one point correctly diagnosed. Let’s hope your nurse has some idea of what he or she is doing…


I doubt it (when it comes to diagnosis, she is good with supportive talks)…but lets hope so!

If you both believe it was correctly diagnosed at one point, you could request that he or she specifies that the schizophrenia is in partial remission and now presents more like another disorder. This matters. If you do have an underlying schizophrenia, it should be easy for new healthcare workers you meet to find that diagnosis, and especially for emergencies.

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I was rediagnosed PD in 2005 from schizoaffective mixed type . The reason? I said the meds were only partially helping. What they didn’t know was I was only taking the meds 40-50% of the time. Now the latest pdoc is saying sz+ autism(Asperger’s syndrome confirmed on Monday).


the reason for my rediagnosis was bc the pdoc thought it was an underlying cause to my illness, my sz hasnt just gone away though, if i didnt take meds i’d get symptomatic again really fast :frowning:

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I don’t get the rediagnosis. I understand adding one though


Schizophrenia and titinopathy, along with a moderate case of generalized anxiety disorder.
Also, I have PTSD.

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If you live in the US they’ll declare you to be normal so they can get you off the disability rolls and you can join in the prosperity where there are more jobs than applicants in the US by taking a minimum wage job of your choice. Your status will change when the next recession hits and the job market tightens.


Thanks for voting & commenting, all of you. I notice I get a bit insecure and confused, because the explanation of what I have changes all the time. It is kind of a difference whether you have a pd, sz/sza or autism. Next week I will speak to the psychiatrist.

And I’m not from the USA. I don’t think I’m recovered enough to be declared normal. Last time a psychologist told me I was normal, I was in a closed ward a few months later. The disability people actually warned me NOT to go to work, because my illness would not allow that. And they give me help in the household.

I was told at my last pdoc appointment the best fits were ASD and schizophrenia. Now I’m wondering whether the sz dx will stay alongside Asperger’s syndrome . That being due to Worry wart syndrome which is yet to be included in the DSM/ICD.


Haha me and my friend were just talking about how doctors like to make their own opinions and how every time we see a new doctor we get a new diagnosis. She was asking me if I thought I should tell her new doctor her old diagnosis or not and I said it didnt matter because they’d come up with their own regardless :joy: doctors just be like that. They all want to be like I’m the one who sees what the REAL problem is here everyone else was wrong and dumb I am the best doctor


Haha yes, that is so true. They are also very convinced every single time.

“You are autistic./Uhm…no I dont think so…/That is because you are autistic. You dont see it right.”

“We are very sure you are sz/Nah…I dont think so/That is because you are sz, you dont see it right”.

Perhaps it doesnt matter…I know what symptoms i have and what triggers them. It doesnt really matter whether it is called ptsd or sz or bipolar or avoidant personality disorder or whatever.


Im still stuck with “we havent got a clue”. Which at least is honest. Personally i kind of dislike the “oh but you dont look schizophrenic” or “well, this particular month you are too well for sz” or “hey, you are very moody this month during med withdrawal, perhaps it is borderline” type of diagnosis they usually do.

I guess nobody won, because they are still unsure. The stupid thing is im influenced by their thoughts when they shout a new diagnosis.

Oh well.


Hey it took a very long time to get my diagnosis. But even now I feel sceptical.

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Okay, at least i know my OLD diagnosis now. It is ptsd plus undifferentiated schizophreniaspectrumdisorder. Whatever that may be. They also said i was extensively tested for personality disorders and quickly checked for autism. They think i have mild traits of both, (adding: “as we all do”), but no fullblown disorder. Psychotic vulnerability is on the forefront. They also say i havent got a lot of vulnerability to anxiety. Which i think is ■■■■■■■■. Im anxious all the time. Just not of the things other people are scared of. :slight_smile:

The team ultimately diagnosed Gordon with undifferentiated schizophrenia spectrum disorder, also known as unspecified psychotic disorder, and marijuana and hallucinogen use. This diagnosis was made because Gordon did not meet the complete criteria for any specific psychiatric disorder.

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Thanks! I guess i can live with that, it seems like an adequate description.

I got miss-diagnosed with borderline personality disorder when I first become known to MH services. Combined depression and saying I felt empty all the time + 20 minutes with pdoc = BPD. I always felt that was a wrong diagnosis as I have no problems maintaining friendships or manipulative behaviour. It’s been taken off my records now since working with a good community nurse they now say I have attachment disorder (as well as SZA) I agree with that.

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