The desire to use

The desire to use never goes away.
These days I just white knuckle it
People in AA say to do the steps
I do in my own fashion
I don’t think I’ll use again
Are you duel -diagnosed like me?
What helps you stay clean and sober?


One step at a time. You don’t do it otherwise but good for you for keeping sober. It really is a good thing.

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Im duel diagnosed. I hit 2 yrs clean last feb. Its really hard at times, not going to lie. But i try to focus on everything i lost. Everything ive gained. Who stuck around and continued to love me. The risks of losing them if i were to use again. Theres so many reasons to stay clean, and very few to use again. I try to remind myself of that.

Working the steps myself and helping other alcoholics to work the steps as well.

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