The depression hit me with one word


I was at a party and being asked what i do with my sz life. I said i sleep in, listen to the radio and go for walks to make my life pleasant. The reply was: ON MY TAXMONEY.
I just don’t want live anymore on someones taxmoney. I can’t work that is why i am on a pension. Nature don’t charge taxes. The whole system sucks.


Tax money belongs to the government not the taxpayer


You matter. Your life matters. Your walks matter. Your time spent listening to the radio matters. You would work if you could. Maybe one day you can. One day you will give back in other ways. You’re trying your hardest.


Saying “on my tax money” was so cruel and ignorant. That reflects almost no understanding of our condition. It is also self-centered and selfish. What the person doesn’t realize is that you (or we) are doing the best we can with a severe illness.
Money is not the bottom line. I hope there will continue to be caring people who will watch out for us.


These kind of people belong in 1930s Germany.


You are not living on anyones tax money. Every person on earth has a purpose and part of your purpose, because you are a strong one, is to endure patiently your illness

Part of what you do is serve an example of patient endurance to others. Its a spiritual work…one the sick often don’t get credit for…


Everyone knows I’m ■■■■■■■ crazy. I thought about working a few places. They would start the gay hoe ■■■■ thing. I got fired for try to kill myself at work. I want to work at home /school online.
Don’t feel bad deary. I’m telling you it’ll be alright.
Meds time


I’ve never experienced that type of audacity personally. I’ve had a former friend tell me I could work if I wanted but ■■■■. I started working under the table at 12 years old and tried till I was 27 even after being dxed at 23. I used to care so much what people like that thought of me.

The way I see it is that recovery can be a full-time job in itself. Some of us get there and some try and try.

I’m sorry you encountered that person. They are gonna be surprised when life throws them a curve ball and they get beaned.


I’m on a pension and I don’t feel guilty. Economics is a flawed science anyways and the rich stay rich. The rest feed of the meagre fruit. Stuff them. I worked hard for years and always was struggling. I can’t work anymore on the meds but I volunteer. That helps having something to do and some purpose but don’t let any gits think your less a human being!

I wish I could compete with everyone on an even basis. I have schizophrenia and that is a friggin life sentence at our current technology! Stuff them!!!


Thanks for your replies. It helps. Yes i think i serve a purpose but in this time and age i never would have thought that they are still people having this mindset especially from that guy. It takes intelligence to move on and change/adapt to the Zeitgeist.(spirit of the time).


What a terrible thing to say! What is the purpose of tax money if not to pay for things. There are people out there who can’t work for whatever reason, and the measly amount they are given to survive off of is hardly luxurious. I’m lucky, i can still work, but part of the motivation to stay working is because the pension here in Australia is so meager, you wouldn’t want to be on it unless you had no other choice.

Don’t listen to what that person said. You’re life is worthwhile, you are worth paying for and supporting. Screw that fool. It isn’t as if they on their own are supporting you.


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