The delusion I'm having right now


The delusion I’m having right now is my concept of the law in general. I was asked to show my license by a game warden yesterday. At first, I felt like he was just harassing me. I was like why did you choose me, and he said because you were standing there. Then he followed up with so you think I’m profiling you? I said no not at all and handed him my valid license. It’s just learning to respect enforcement and I talked to the guy later on, I asked him some questions about regulations here in the state. I’m glad I received a good talk with the guy or else I would of left hating the person for no damn reason, just to feel hate. And I hate that. I reserve my manner, and it feels righteous. Because there is always crazy SOB’s that have no regard to the law whatsoever. I know some laws seem stupid. Its hard to earn an honest dollar. And the safer the distance you keep from bs, and the awareness you have towards officers, I mean you may hate them, but that attitude is only going to get you in deeper water. So just let it go and be cool about it. And all that potential trouble will pass like a breeze on a summer day.

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I really do believe law enforcement profile people, its what they need to do. Im talking about within the legal limits. People with a mental illness sometimes look out of sorts - either because of their depression,anxiety, delusions, hallucinations etc … I know I must stick out somehow. Ive been stopped and questioned by cops for no real reason.
I understand that they are doing their job - but it does not make me feel any better about myself



I have run out of hearts again… :heart: (like)

I find that trying to just keep it cool and not take it personally helps me get through my day. Everyone has been stopped because cops are board. It just happens. I just try and see it as a minor irritation.

Some of them have been cops I’ve freaked out on when I was homeless, and a few of them are amazed to remember me when I lived in the bushes of Queen Anne Park to the person they see before them now. I have to admit, I do sort of like that. So it depends on what part of the city I’m in as to why I feel I’m getting stopped.

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i respect the law, policemen/women but like any profession there are always the bad eggs who tarnish the kettle.
take care



I respect the law too. I always drive the speed limit of 5 miles over like you’re supposed to. I’m not paranoid of cops, and I’ve yet to have any horrible cop experiences. I had to write a report for my friend’s death of an overdose, when if I had known the full extent of what was going on I would have called the cops a week earlier before she died.



Um, no, the posted speed limit is the “limit.”
It’s just that most police wont stop you going 5 miles over (in the city) unless they really want/need to pull you over.
The police are human beings, the best thing people can do for themselves is know the laws, especially the ones regarding safety.
Everyone wants to go home at the end of the day-alive.



That’s not a delusion, that’s how normally we sz think and behave, it’s normal for us, don’t worry :smile:

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