The Definition Of A Baby!. (Come And See)


I Have Marveled At The Sight Of Babies Before. . .

In Wonder…, In Their Innocence Of Hopeful Laughter. . .

And It Has Taken Me 15 Years To Come Up With A Personal Definition Of A Baby. . .

So…, Mothers & Fathers Please…,

Take A Seat.

Come & Join Me In Celebrating Thus Treasure I Have Found In My Psychological Webbing. . .

The Pure Definition Of A Baby Is!!!..,

Hope, Love, Joy, And Peace!.




Is what? 151515


You Are Not Making Any Sense With Your Question.

Maybe Be More Clearer Next Time. . . . . . .

Hope, Love, Joy, And Peace!.

What do you say is the definition of a baby?


You Are Confusing Me Completely…, With Your Odd Question That Has Already Been Answered. . .

Not So Sure About What You Are Asking. . . . . . .

Hope, Love, Joy, And Peace!.

I think he means Hope, Love, Joy, And Peace is the definition😶


Yea I Thought It Was Hopeful & Clear Myself…, I Dunno. . . . . . .

Hope, Love, Joy, And Peace!.

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