The deceptive bosom

Most women have one. Why is a pain to acknowledge. I turned against my chest as a preteen.

Mine is a pain, too. I had to go to physical therapy because it was hurting my back to carry the damn things around everywhere.

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During the roaring 20’s, flat chested women were considered to be desirable, at least by women, themselves… That lasted until Marilyn Monroe came along.

Can’t stand the fake breast fad. I can understand if you’ve had to have your breasts removed that you’d want to replace them. But to get fake breasts because your own weren’t big enough, I guess I don’t understand. Big enough for…?
When I was a young adult and very thin, I loved having a straight silhouette. I wouldn’t mind having that figure now.

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I had a flat chested friend who didn’t appreciate it. She wanted to be “sexy”. Little did she know.

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thread title reminds me of book…

lol lol lol just kidding


Puffed out since cubscouts. :blush:

Lol I just realize how strange that sounds. My brain is in a rhyming mood this morning :joy: