The day turned out to be not so bad


I had a shaky start to the morning. I saw a giant iguana skeleton walking around the backyard and then the bugs under the skin of my face started getting hyperactive and making me pull and scratch my skin.

But I went to work even though I didn’t want to. And I got work done, I sent three pieces of work to be quality checked (which is a lot for the 4.5hrs I’m at work).

I had another shower when I got home from work to try to burn my skin and stop the bugs a bit. And I got through the day.

That’s all, I just wanted to share that. Thanks for reading.

Also I wonder if @MrSquirrel liked the Canadian TV show called Corner Gas. It’s my favourite show, they played it on Australian TV a long time ago.

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Does your pdoc know about your hallucinations? Sorry they are so distressing, maybe upping the dose of your meds or something.

Yes I write them all down in my diary. I’m at the highest dose I can get of invega and I don’t really want to try a new medication at the moment, I’ve just come off abilify.

Invega took a bit of time to work for me, maybe it’s the same with you. Good luck with that.

I didn’t get most of the humour, being honest. My wife and daughter enjoyed it. I sat there and pretended to enjoy it. Not sure if I did a passable job of that or not. I’m able to fake neurotypical humour, but I don’t connect to it personally. Most of what I find funny is wildly inappropriate. My general rule is that if I have the urge to laugh, I probably shouldn’t.

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Thanks Minnii! It has been a good day, I got through it!

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That’s ok, I just wanted to ask. Thanks for answering me. I like your rule, it’s funny.