The Day They Bottled Up the Sun

Johnny woke up to greet the sunrise and noticed that it never came. So he turned on the TV and a man said, "We are Light Industries and we paid all the governments in the World to allow us to use our technology to literally capture the Sun. So if you want a piece of the Sun here are the following prices:

  1. For vitamin D only- $9.99 a month
  2. To warm the temperature just above freezing- 19.99 a month
  3. To make things comfortable in a sweater and coat- $29.99.
  4. To grow your crops- $1,000 a month per acre.
  5. To have a comfortable temperature in short sleeves- $500 a month
  6. To have Summer like weather- $950 a month
    (We can not be held responsible for how we change the climate)

Another good one blizzard !

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