The Day the Press Became the Press Again

There was a potential war in Crudland between Kickastand, and the Republic of Bicycles. So the members of the US press waited online for reports from each countries online news sources. Suddenly the screens went dark. Both countries had hit each other with cyberattacks. In fact the attacks were so bad that no plane could land in either country and no cell phones worked. Everybody panicked except for an old 80 year old reporter named Edward McKenzie who knew the only reporters left alive in both countries who used real mail, and landlines. So while the younger reporters tried to restore the internet Edward and his friends reported on news that in some cases was many days old by the time it was reported. Edward unfortunately died ending the connection. So a younger reporter who for some strange reason still read books found some on how to use landlines and writing letters. The war was reported very slowly and the credibility of some of the press was restored.


:clap: Very good !

Probably dusted off an old gutenberg printing press to make the copies

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