The day the music died

My greatest love has passed away. I once loved rock and roll so much, it inspired me to no end. But today I don’t enjoy any music except what I play on guitar. There were also the years I had classical music to comfort me. But that ceased too. Does anyone relate with this and what did you do?


Just take a break from listening :headphones: to music :musical_note: for a week and you’ll be back enjoying it in no time ! :wink:

I just keep listening to new stuff as it comes out and finding stuff to enjoy.

hmm…nope, never happened to me, but I listen to a diverse high volume amount of music daily…you might check out Maneskin…an italian band I love…

The older ive got the less pleasure i get from music. These days i still like music, but can take it or leave it, its no longer a big deal to me.

Maybe the anhedonia plays a part too, i also dont have much interest in watching movies or sports or reading… or in pretty much anything.

All of which i dont mind.

The theme of most songs is… shagging or romance or relationships… none of which interests me much. I know not all music is like this but the vast majority is.

Same for me something happened. It’s like the same thing that took my love for making art, and love for art.

Music is a recent one, it’s not just losing enjoyment of it but also it irritates me.

I worry it will take away the last of my love, technology.

I worry when I lose all my memories, music therapy won’t help bring my memories back.

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I have something similar with music and jokes. Music used to be my escape and really enjoyable. But ever since I got on the meds, my enjoyment of music has greatly diminished. When I was psychotic It sounded great. At the moment, I don’t know if taking my meds off will help.

Music has not died. It just farted.

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