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Went to bed early last night so as not to wake up late. I have this tendency to go into brain fart mode under pressure/stress. I’m not sure whether that’s a good thing in this situation.



Good luck matey. You need a reference send em my way!

In all seriousness. Stay focused and calm and it’ll all work out. Be calm.



Good luck!!! Hope it goes well and you get the support you need.



i woke at 6am 1515



Try not to worry too much. I hope everything goes well for you. Good luck!



Was a little nerve wracking. A lot of stuff about very early childhood that I couldn’t answer. I said ‘maybe’ to some stuff ie I wasn’t sure. I was getting the impression,rightly or wrongly, she was taking those as a ‘yes’ . I struggled to answer what I did in my spare time at home and at boarding school. Mind was a virtual blank. Have got another appt on 27th this month and 13th next month. I’m not sure if that’s par for the course, or if they’re sure you’re not on the spectrum they tell you straight out and there’s no need for other appointments.

Got a Ritvo to do with some questions to fill in . One part was about other diagnoses including psychiatric ones. That’s got me flustered as they want doctor’s/clinic name. It seemed very ambivalent to me ie are they asking for current dx or dx back when first dxed in 1975?

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They probably want to know both your former and current dx’s. Best of luck to you!


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