The Daily Outside Voice

Well it wasn’t necessarily a voice, but it kind of sounded like mechanical grinding. Inside my house but still sounding very far away. This is typical for my outside voices/sounds, to sound far away but at the same time very close. At least it wasn’t something terrible like the sound of someone being tortured. It did make me drop my food and start looking around, but once it stopped I resumed what I was doing.

I often try to turn off the radio or tv because I hear them and I want the talking to stop. But they are already turned off.

Something similar happened to my entire family in the same night. We all got up at different times because we heard people speaking in french in our living room. We went to turn off the TV only to find out it was already off. It wasn’t until months later that we all discussed this and realized we all did the same thing. We live in Louisiana so it was likely just ghosts. I’ve seen more than enough ghosts in my house. But I’m the only one diagnosed schizophrenic lol. The rest of my family definitely isn’t so it was a weird experience.

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My family were having “symptoms” before i moved there, i went mad a short time after i showed up.

Whatever it was decided to screw me up very badly and has been doing so for years. It’s going to kill me actually.

One of them says “why didn’t it do anything to us? i’ve done worse than you.” I says, “yeah, what does that tell you about them?” One day he says “what makes you so special?” I says “what do you mean? whats special about being tormented?”

He thinks they are good!

Sometimes in the past I have had voices from TV saying ‘you are nothing’ and other ■■■■ like this.

When I was not doing so well and my insulation was worn away…

Every tiny noise sounded super loud. I used to unplug the fridge because it sounded like a lawn mower in the house… then my food would spoil.

Fan’s, lights… any mechanical buzzing was so hard to take… there was no peace.

Also feel like people are talking to me via tv and radio. They call me a psychopath. But I try to ignore them. It hurts my feelings and makes me feel terrible.

My voices tell me I have schizophrenia. They did tell me I was a psychopath before. About 8 years ago. Not anymore though.