The Cypher



“So you want to control fate.”

I told him I’ve seen them rising from the shore
I said I have stopped time, and fallen before
like going backwards through time
I asked what it was for too late
The rain was love’s divine crime
Or did the rain just love dying more than I
loved the high sublime.

“So you think you can bend time.” Possibly
or there is more than one time in my memory.

A cyclone dissolved like the medicine in my brain
A mystery that was solved because of the insane
He took me for a drive up the highest mountain
He showed me his pocket knife with my initials
in them; I walked between worlds
saw both of your faces but each one was the
same and neither had the right address.

I saw through the wall, I felt you tremble
beneath me the bullet train melodies
From knee deep pain to Nevada deep creek
And gambled beside men and fallen
like autumn leaves fallen from grace
I won’t ever go back to school, misplaced
I’ll join the names of the overcome.


He showed me a bridge over water
dared me to kiss him: but I turned away
He showed me how much it hurts on the inside
I’m a rapid cycling river, I burnt the effigies
I want to stop dreaming about the future
and have these paranoid delusional theories
I was born cursed with deathly abilities
He said no one can hear you when everyone
is listening. I woke up and then
I can’t control the voices in your head
but I know your next to me, sleeping.

I rewrote the code, I unlocked the motherlode
I was once someone different, less remote.
“So you can control fate” I hate you
He said as he wants to move shapes but
I ripped him apart and made him a soul
with a ruby red heart on a chain
steel is the cage the bird cries lullabies
“Do you want to control time?” He surrendered
to my crime. He surrendered to my lies
but I just want to fly away.

“Do you think you can control destiny?”
Why won’t you stop tracing my footprints
every shadow has a secret force, electricity
an ultimate power source, a generator of sorts
the shapes I have been making as my imaginary
hands are waving your anagrams in the air
of shape-changing darkness.

You can’t get this. You were never here.
You could just disappear.

You serve atoms like stars mimic mine
and my losses now are
the ghosts in a starry ocean
he screamed let me out let me out and then
he screamed and screamed let me tell you this
It’s not what you think who I am.

Wanna leave me in a fever

“So you want to free your mind.” Depressor
The safe was already open
when you got there; Surrender to Love
You, infinite pretender, because your
original sins were miracles and your lies
were the empirical devices for the
matrix you are trapped inside, forever
I now have them all under my command
I know that your type can’t understand.
You have been programmed by
a great engineer; you can’t crack the
code. I wrote the cypher
of a new kind of simulated disorder.


You said you wanted peace a satanic
You said you had scars, a schizophrenic
from a bizarre past; we creep
as the radio turns to static; we erased
the serotonin at last.

The madness was a war they waged
I’m not your nemesis; I know the truth
they tried to un-glue me from you
a bridge between two worlds apart,
the line that was drawn
over your plastic heart.

You sleepwalk your imperfections, my nightmares
were a deceptive work of art, my dreams
were your double agent
and the machines are creating
new realities full of possibilities
that they’re policing my potential.

And I’m trapped like an imposter
in a broken institution
for conditions of deception; instructed by the
machinations who rule over this nation
this fabrication; obsolete solutions,
poetry could not describe

This was not a war to celebrate; so dress up
your psychic whores and demonstrate
you could not relate to me
the dissonance between your mind and your
new reality; as I create better memories.
I’m tired of being quiet; here alone

In this mentally ill empire
in the corner on this empiracle design
still so full of white-ness, this bright doom
you said you wanted peace
then swept off your grime
as you washed it down with a pill

I was the hyperdrive; the key you turned
but I could not rename you; couldn’t keep you alive
you were secretly smiling at me as everything
came down to the blood in my veins
and a hospital gown, immortally maintained
simply exhausted by the ringing in my head
the papers they burned instead
of answering questions.

Thinking there’s a way out this time
wishing that this nightmare
would turn into something less archaic
I wanted to make it all better

and dreams were a gateway
some kind of escape; to go
someplace free, something
that I selfishly believed
as you whispered to me
between the wires; I’ll be there
no longer feeling like I was powerless.

Beautiful Surrender

Alone along the track in the night
looking for a cross hidden with power
under forgotten oak leaves; a past broken
she kept her vows secret, to sleep right
as they nursed her with poisoned melodies
while in her head voices rose to celebrate
to conquer power; immaculate words
in the unspoken fight

they were sinners; lovers of adventures
my heart was captured; and rendered
to the bentonite dreams of an anarchist
the actors in this terrible show were real
the apocalypse that I forgot; was as beautiful
as the false memory that justified this
iconic decade of orphaned fantasies

Televised lies about a war fought and won
a forced submission; a cruel bondage
the science was my unholy escape
those impossible theories of freedom
conventional diagrams; their divinatory
imaginations, always so incredibly divine

in this white-washed town; your always drowning
watch the stars as they sparkle and bleed
The dawn is golden, truth is a story
that we’re awoken, cheated, mistaken
for we heard a dream’s harping call
trace our footprints in the sands of time
following the echoes of your mystery’s
avolition; wall to wall

I have come to this violent conclusion
that we are always fighting the simulation
to break these chains; for God’s salvation
"You were not alone" lost artists and youth
of the eternal foundation; choose wisely that key
the never-ending distance between us
as he draws closer to finding
some remote happiness, unsure of bravery
we never complained; there we were
naked and insane. don’t let me down;
I want you to survive; to be perfect
in the empiricist conspiracy
that you were their only architects