The cutting is getting worse

I have to go er sometimes to get the blood to stop gushing out of my arm I feel like I cant stop this addiction ugg my soon I will be a shooting star

Look for sympathetic people who can give you help. Try not to shut yourself off from others. I’ve got a few scars from cutting, but it wasn’t an addiction with me. Try not to take a misplaced pride in how you are hurting yourself. Get help from a professional who has experience in such matters. Remember that people do care.

if i tell the truth to the therapist they send me to the er and i have stay in the hospital for a couple of weeks cost medicare 30thousand dollars everytime i go i feel like just ignore the cutting and save money for other people that need it more then me.

Don’t be afraid to assert your needs. If you need help you deserve to get it. You need help just as much as a lot of other people who are getting it.

Getting help needs to be your first concern not what medicare is paying. Let them worry about that.

yea i just feel bad.