The curse of anxiety,lack of self belief and paranoia

Desktop computer is playing up ie keeps switching off after a few minutes. A google search indicates it is probably due to overheating and that the computer needs a good clean.
Have found a place that will collect and clean the computer but my anxiety/paranoia, lack of self belief is running on overdrive. They will obviously have to disconnect things to take the unit away but my mind is thinking but I won’t be able to reconnect it all myself when they bring it back. Ergo I’ll not be able to get online and I’ll be totally isolated for ever. Then there is the issue of being offline while the desktop is fixed. I’m scared that a temporary situation may become a permanent one if I let the computer be cleaned.
I am really catastrophising at the moment .
I asked them if they would reconnect everything when they brought it back(if I let them take it) and they said they can do that but my paranoia is saying “what if they don’t?”
I hate that my mind works this way-the anxiety, the paranoia, the insecurity.

Can’t you label the wires somehow, (paper and see through sticky tape?), and label the sockets they go into?

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Everything will be fine, @firemonkey

In your downtime, complete a task that you’ve been putting off for ages…or immerse yourself in a creative pursuit. An accomplishment, however small should lift your spirits while you await the return of your computer.

Let us all know what you did with your free time!



social anxiety???+

I have chronic and quite severe SA but would call this general anxiety. I do have a tendency to imagine worst case scenarios ie catastrophise.
The thing is even though things usually don’t turn out as badly as expected that doesn’t stop me from going into catastrophising mode the next time round.

My greatest fear is not being able to access the internet. It is the only thing that gives me much of a contact with others albeit in a 2D way. Even the thought of being offline for a few days while the desktop is cleaned is anxiety provoking.

Okay… I just wanted to say that sometimes my social anxiety can masquerade as paranoia, for example “they will treat me differently than the other customer”.

Firemonkey, the gist of your whole post is basically that you are worried that you won’t have a computer. If they said they will reconnect it, then they will. They’re not going to make an empty promise. If you want to set your mind at ease then call them up and double check to see if they will reconnect it like they told you. That’s the whole problem here, isn’t it?

I totally get that. For me paranoia and (social) anxiety very much overlap. I definitely think it’s my paranoia that makes me question whether they would do what they said they would in the email.
It’s one thing to know you are not thinking rationally and quite another to stop yourself thinking irrationally.

Thanks for your level headed response. I am struggling to be rational over this and as said to @Mottec it’s my paranoia questioning whether I can rely on what they said in the email they sent me.

E-mail them back to double check. Tell them you are very worried about whether they will do it or not because you don’t know how to do it yourself. If they tell you TWICE that they will hook it up than there’s a 98% chance that they are telling the truth. I don’t think they will think it’s out of line or weird or anything to double check with them.

I used to run three 20-inch box fans with a/c filters on the intake side to reduce the effects of dust in the magazine design room that was full of gray Macs and 20-inch CRT monitors. I also dismantled all the CPU boxes and the CRTs on a rotating 6-month schedule and vacuumed the entire interiors with a brush fixture with the computers and CRTs plugged in but turned off (so that they were grounded).

Despite having the box fans, the interiors were still covered with dust after six months.

This has always worked for me. Actually I always just took a bunch of photos when I was unsure if I’d remember which wires go where.
And when my computer needs cleaning I just crack it open and vacuum it. I think I’ll do that today, it’s probably really dusty in there.


I wish I had the confidence to do that but I’m a klutz when it comes to anything manual/practical.

You are far more proficient than I am.

I totally understand that you’re not comfortable opening up your desktop and fixing it yourself. It’s not strange at all! But don’t worry about things being out of place when you get it back. They will take care of that.

I’ve had the same thing with my desktop. It would reboot randomly after a few minutes and then wouldn’t get past the Windows Welcome screen. I narrowed it down to a faulty power supply but decided not to repair it. I unplugged everything and now my whole desk is empty. If you’ve had your computer for over 4-5 years your best bet would be to try and replace it. You can buy a notebook for cheap.

When I got my Xbox 360 DVD drive fixed by someone it worked for a few weeks and then back to square one. Difficult to trust the little businesses that do cleaning and repairs.

I miss my computer set up with top-of-the-line speakers and graphic tablet, but I’m content with using an older laptop my mom gave me. When I move out I will go back to my old ways, seems futile for now.

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Made booking for 3pm. He/she hasn’t turned up yet(15.32). Not looking good.

Engineer’s wife taken into hospital I am told. Appointment was moved to 10 am today but no one turned up.

. Emailed to be told the engineer’s wife is in more serious condition than first thought. Given choice between this afternoon and tomorrow. Decided on tomorrow.

Irrational/paranoid thoughts are coming to the fore. What if it’s a fake company/website and they’re having a joke at my expense ? They just don’t want to come to my block of flats. Surely as a nationwide company they would have more than one engineer for the area.

Poor service. Phone someone else. Welcome to the real world unfortunately.

I can relate. I have similar issues. If you have to do without your computer for a while maybe you could watch some movies or do some reading. Watch TV. There should be some way to fill up your time.