The Cure Is Found And "Lost"

Doctor Ricardo Mendez had just discovered a schizophrenia vaccine and was preparing to announce it in a Press Conference. Then suddenly several gunman entered the room and Fred Haley head of a drug company walked in and said, "So the renegade researcher has found a cure huh? Well you know we can’t allow that since we’d make a lot more money on something you take every day for decades rather than a one shot deal. Mendez spit in his face and said, “This is for the good of all humanity. You can’t stop progress.” Mr. Haley said, "It is unfortunate you said that Mr. Mendez. OK boys kill him and destroy the cure. The machine guns did their grim work and the vials of the vaccine were thrown in an incinerator along with Mendez body. The lab was cleaned up and then the press arrived. Mendez said “Gigantica Inc. is pleased to announce that we have a new drug that is taken 4 times a day. It only costs $4,000 a month. It has a few minor side effects like weight gain, impotence, and in rare cases kidney failure but it improves positive symptoms by 5% more than clozapine and negative symptoms by 20%. It’s a revolution in schizophrenia research.”


Very good… I’d like to think that corporate greed will free any major breakthrough though. :scream:

I think if a vaccine was given to all kids for a substantial amount of money it could possibly happen rather than for high risk kids since many people with schizophrenia can’t trace a family history. However it would have to be quite a price to pacify the companies making a killing on the drugs they provide us. By the way I appreciate having the drugs but simply question rather they would allow a cure to be developed since the drug market is so lucrative.

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