The Country Song Game

Has this been done before? Anyhoo…

Post a title of a country song then the next person writes a few bars…then posts another title at the end.

I’ll start the first title…

“My Dog Done Peed on My Bowling Ball”

Is there a version of this game that uses real music?

Perhaps…just made it up off the top of my nut. I suppose a version of this has been done already.

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:musical_note: No money for the Mall
Wife left me for some guy name Saul
Just when you think I can’t take it all
My dog done peed on my bowling ball. :notes:

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Eating tv dinners in my tractor

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Eating tv dinners in my tractor
My girls gone to the chiropractor
I bet i could just go fishin
Times like these got me wishin

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:musical_note: Eat’in Swanson’s in the backhoe
Got a farmer’s truck to toe
But dang this is a fine meal
No time to take the wheel
Old man Miller will have to wait :notes:

“Darn Shed Needs Some Paint”

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