The counter if your feeling like a med zombie

Hello my fellow sz in this wonderful digital realm. I was at China Wok earlier and a woman said I was rubbing off a spirit on her. I thought that is not normal maybe you need your medication! lol nah. I went to wal mart being my normal self like initiating greetings to strangers, making comments and getting out of their way. I went down a aisle I swear these two old teens would not acknowledge that I was walking down the same aisle to pass them, like leaving me no space to get by. That pissed me off so much so with care I got close and made a animal grunt like I’m bigger gtfo my way. The one teen thought it was funny started laughing, but the other one clearly shown contempt in his facial expression. In conclusion you don’t know how much of life your missing out if you just ignore everything, I think risperdal done that to me the ignore part. I want fake feelings to feel genuine, but in circumstance there is much recovery left to alleviating the feeling of anti socialism. To all have a good night.

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It sounds like a fake it till you make it sort of deal. Considering everything your going through, I think your doing great. I still hope your Mom is on the mend.

I can relate to this one. I try to be nice and just go the other way and slip down a different isle. I’m there to shop not make a scene or have a fuss. I try to be nice and calm.

My sis is a macho little thing and will get close to them and then say something odd and loud like, “These fleas are killing me.” Or she’ll cough a lot and say, “This cold sucks” “Where is the lice shampoo” “does this look contagious to you?” people will run away from us. She thinks this is the best amusement ever.

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