The Cos Thread!

Ya putz the pudzin pop in the foozle fop!!

Yazee?..Yazee what I mean??

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You had to do it, didn’t you? geez.

I couldn’t resist Daze…

(Am Shorry!!)


Not to open a can of worms, on this humorous thread or anything,

but Damon Wymans says none of the women coming forward are rapeable.

Is this Damon Wymans a comedian? Was that a joke?

I think it’s a joke, yes, but meant to be critical as well.

I don’t necessarily agree with him, but the whole thing gets a little tiring.

Rape’s not funny!
Panda is funny.
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That’s me @Minnii

Before my morning coffee! :wink:

(I don’t find rape to be funny either. I just find Cosby to be such a total loser so I’m making fun of him)


I know, I was answering to your conversation with @Daze

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See, I knew I’d piss somebody off by posting that quote. I’m just kind of neutral.

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Lmao love the pissed panda :blue_heart: panda needs a hug :heart_eyes:


'I did not put a foozle floop in those women’s drinks!!..

Yazee? The fizzle flop flooped on the fozzin pop!!


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I think @SoitGoes will get this thread… :wink:

Ah man… good stuff…

When the stuff first started happening I thought,“There’s no way Cosby did it! There no way the guy who did the Cosby Show raped somebody!”. But now I’m not sure.

that is so funny :smiley:
:panda_face: " me not happy ! "
:panda_face: " where is my f… coffee :coffee: people !?! "
take care :alien:


I’m really surprised you posted that Daze. It’s a serious put-down of women in general.

Lmao!!! Minnii you make me laugh :slight_smile:

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I’m not gonna joke about Cosby because he did deliver a ton of laughter out there in the real world before the accusations. He’s done way more than the average person in spreading happiness.

That aside, I did notice his browline settled in a weird way through aging. He seems contently angry; that’s the expression I read when I see his face.

Do y’all think cosby did it?